31 December 2009


Thanks for the 9

DAY FOUR. Not going to say anything profound. Or mathematical.

30 December 2009

Starts out green

Starts out green and the rest is mostly accident

DAY THREE keen to get started, slow to finish. Ran out of petrol and had to push the image uphill to get it into the driveway. Think the handbrake's dodgy too, had to put a brick behind the wheel. 

29 December 2009

Two heads

Two heads: good. Two heads plus two trees: better.

DAY TWO of the daily image plan. Trying to spend around half an hour on it, pulling ideas from wherever. Today's scanned found object is the inside of a notebook used for writing lyrics and song notes 25 years ago. I was so good at putting thoughts down once. 

28 December 2009

One per day

Take 30 minutes, once a day. A bit like a tablet but takes a bit longer to swallow. Medicine for lethargy of the design muscle. Self-prescribed and probably very silly.