26 February 2012

Back to you in the studio

We'll take a break now, but when we come back,
another live cross to the list of tonight's top stories

25 February 2012

13 February 2012

12 February 2012

11 February 2012

Look sky

Sometimes it's hard to accept that even when it isn't there, it's there

10 February 2012


"Would the young lady care to see something from the cabinet?"

7 February 2012

6 February 2012

Suitor unsuitability

She asked him not to take it personally
but he was far too preoccupied with treading air

5 February 2012

4 February 2012


Traipsing through the draughty night,
wondering if the author could contrive
an ending involving marriage to her guardian

2 February 2012


To speak to the Ombudsman, press O
To hear a lullaby, press L
To buy crisps, press P
If you are under 18, press shift + <
If you are over the limit, press shift + >  approximately
To pause and then continue, press ,
To end, press . or just hang up