28 October 2015

Lemon submarine

They were just a pair of printer repairmen 
who got a song stuck in their heads
and thought they could improve on the colour

23 October 2015

21 October 2015

The Whoopiedoo experiment

On a recent family holiday we had quite a bit of fun with Rory's Story Cubes, an ingenious way of elasticising your brain, thinking on your feet and tickling your funny bone all at the same time. There was one symbol that seemed more open to interpretation than the others.

Was it a jewel pendant? A strange, blank-faced person or perhaps an insect waving his antennae? We called him the Whoopiedoo, a sort of wild card personified. In the end, we all made an attempt to capture him on paper.

This is him.

By Daisy
The Whoopie-Doo having a regular day in 3015.
He's the mirror that reflects your true self, your best self
or maybe just another mirror

By Elaine
Whatever it is you're doing, he'd rather you didn't

 By Jane
Whoopie Doo: It'll do it for you, too
the sales lady assures us

By May
Whoopie Doo turns into a Man -
metamorphosis before your very eyes

By Mitch
Whoopi Do
It's what you say after watching most of the programs on the telly

By Trent
The Whoopee-Do spied fleeing to its home.
Kind of like Big Foot, but even more reclusive

By Me
The Whoopiedoo for all seasons is whatever you need him to be, 
including somewhere to hang your rubber bands

The Selfie
This way up. No, the other way

18 October 2015

The stroll

Leaving under a cloud and looking like a million dollars,
he strolled with his chin cocked at the sky -
a cliche in aspic but carved out of marble

13 October 2015

9 October 2015

Still leaf

"I can hold this pose longer than you can"
"No you can't"
"Oh I can"