31 January 2010



Rearranging the deckchairs again

DAY THIRTY FIVE. If you're going to do this to the CBD, can you at least put some   a i r   in   there?

30 January 2010



A pair of lampheads loomed up in the blizzard

DAY THIRTY FOUR. I'm sure these two are quite benign really.

29 January 2010

Rosy cheek


Introducing Miss R. Cheek

DAY THIRTY THREE. Miss Cheek became alarmed at the name her parents had given her.

28 January 2010

Face of Canberra

This is not the face of Canberra

DAY THIRTY TWO. Most of the snaps used for this image come from 1976. Where is that in Canberra-time?

27 January 2010


Stride out in your strides

DAY THIRTY ONE. Still putting one foot in front of the other.

26 January 2010

Night in a box

Capture a feeling?

DAY THIRTY. The night insects... the furry stars... the hint of far away... the contemplation... the promisingness...

25 January 2010

24 January 2010

Owl cake

Some occasions just require one

DAY TWENTY EIGHT. One month old today. Still very much a challenge. This owl would make a good mascot for "The Knowledge" and could probably have told me that committing myself like this might not always be wise. Hey ho.

23 January 2010


Haven't seen one of these guys for days

DAY TWENTY SEVEN was another scorcher. Makes you miss snails.

22 January 2010

Dry shampoo

With just a hint of lilac

DAY TWENTY SIX. Shampoo in powder form. Did this ever catch on?

21 January 2010

Office policy

Acting strangely at 3PM is office policy

DAY TWENTY FIVE. Some were pacing the floor to see how wide the carpet was. Some levitated gracefully, others experimented with new ways to sit at their desks. While wondering how to spell 'doo-lally'. How do you?

20 January 2010

Now you know

We're not really

DAY TWENTY FOUR. This started out as some kind of underwater scene, until I overheard that line.

19 January 2010

Face of

This is not one of Katoomba's faces

DAY TWENTY THREE. Sometimes it's a mighty struggle to find time or energy for this daily challenge. On days like this, it's particularly nice when the pieces fit together quickly.

18 January 2010

Safety first

And second, and third

DAY TWENTY TWO. It was always so reassuring to read that word "safety" on the edge of precious negs. Never quite knew what it meant though. Vinegar syndrome, it seems. That's a bad thing. Stop bath... that's a good thing. Are they both the same thing? I love photography's alchemy of smells. I miss 'em.

17 January 2010

The big 3

That would be bricks, brunettes and bri-nylon upholstery

DAY TWENTY ONE. Last hurrah for the Abercrombie Hotel's outdoor seating arrangements.

16 January 2010

Washing machine

Value is in the eye of the beholder

DAY TWENTY. Now these are proper runway models.

15 January 2010


Mother and egg doing well

DAY NINETEEN, my little ones. What discovery will be made today? Envelope pushing is always allowed.

14 January 2010


Small folk look pleased

DAY EIGHTEEN was brought to you by a fountain pen and screen captures of things blown up very big in Illustrator.

13 January 2010

Carpet dance part 4

Some brought numbers with them

DAY SEVENTEEN. Not to mention some impressive flouncy moves.

12 January 2010

Carpet dance part 3

Some came in silk and pearls

DAY SIXTEEN. This background began life as an umbrella.

11 January 2010

Carpet dance part 2

Some came hand in hand

DAY FIFTEEN. From hovering to hopping, today.

10 January 2010

Carpet dance

They began to assemble for the carpet dance

DAY FOURTEEN. While I've been struggling to stay committed to making an image a day, I've also found myself committing more and more time to it. Editing. Erasing. Beginning again. Several generations of butterflies have probably been and gone in the meantime.

9 January 2010

8 January 2010

There's a slight imbalance

There's a slight imbalance in the scale of my signage

DAY TWELVE. A very swift collaging of images. The Private Pole, apart from its marvellous label, is also notable for being in a public park.

It may be complicated

It may be complicated, but perservere

DAY ELEVEN. There's no guarantee that the daily image will make sense. Port and lemon?

6 January 2010

Three moons

Three moons, no waiting

DAY TEN.  I do like a building with pyjama stripes.

5 January 2010


Oh! Be quick

DAY NINE. I wonder if this conveys any of the time pressure that went into making it?

4 January 2010

New improved city

Can we have something more palatable please?

DAY EIGHT. Spent too long in the hypnotic arms of image processing software today. Nevermind. By the way, this blog highly recommends tablecloths.

3 January 2010


Dance of the crabapple faeries

DAY SEVEN. Yay! a week's worth but ... not yay! on quality, consistency, coherency or crabappleness. I'm getting slower too. Today's found object: kitchen paper.

2 January 2010

No trings

They had no trings there

DAY SIX. Began with the misspelling of the filename not_rings.psd. Well, everything has to start somewhere. I've never been to Tring but I think I'd quite like it.

1 January 2010


Personal tree rings

DAY FIVE already. Seem to spend longer every day on my 'thirty minute' task. Today's found object: a 7-inch box of Ampex mastering tape. Beginning a new decade, and thinking how looking forward sometimes means looking back too. May your rings grow ever outwards.