26 July 2018

Dear Sirs

"I have borrowed a chunk of your artwork as I have something
to attend to"

25 July 2018

Observe a kingdom turn to dust*

It's winter here. The wind whips up flurries of snow and we only venture out for
school holiday necessities like hot, sweet cafe treats, second hand magazines
and glue sticks. It's collage time!

Daisy calls a halt to the rather unsporting game of fairy hockey

May's elephant asks the delicate question "Who farted?"

Trent tackles the baffling rise of celebrity head on

Jane gives words* the upper hand, then populates the prairie with visions

Elaine asks "Where are you going?" and we find we are not on Earth

I attempt to make a father and daughter lemon squash

Many thanks to May for sparking the collage binge.
All the tiny magazine page offcuts have been swept away
along with the fleeting sleety snow and holidays
are over. Except in collages.

19 July 2018

10 July 2018

2 July 2018