30 May 2014

27 May 2014

Interview with the herbivores

Elaborate measures are the linchpins of my technique
Oh, but you wanted to know what they said?
Well nothing, they're rabbits

26 May 2014


The man stood completely still 
and the fish buried their heads in the sand

24 May 2014

Slant witness

Each day the light poured in; each day the conversations differed only slightly

21 May 2014

19 May 2014

Could you tell me the time?

It is the time when all the beauty spots have escaped
 and all the faces have been trapped in cubes

17 May 2014

Picnic at Petals

Opinion seems divided: the temperature in celsius or changes to the pension age

16 May 2014

15 May 2014

5 May 2014