28 February 2010

Laughing clowns

It was that well-known phenomenon

DAY SIXTY THREE. Laughing clowns get more menacing under moonlight.

27 February 2010

Wall or

Wall... or wallpaper

DAY SIXTY TWO. This looks like the kind of house that would have textiles or wallpaper featuring pictures of this kind of house.

26 February 2010

How to

How to achieve interesting hair

DAY SIXTY ONE. Say after me: texture and shape, texture and shape, texture and shape. 

25 February 2010

Little hamlets


 Little hamlets can be quite surprising

DAY SIXTY. The day vernacular architecture became binocular architecture.

24 February 2010



It only takes a little shine to make the day worthwhile

DAY FIFTY NINE. It was certainly a surprise to me that the shiny bits took shape all by themselves.

23 February 2010



Something was afoot down at the factory

DAY FIFTY EIGHT. Madam, there's a problem with your electrics.

22 February 2010

A visitor


Something about him was vaguely familiar

DAY FIFTY SEVEN. And now, a little information on bathing machines.

21 February 2010

It's all completely

Insert your own caption here

DAY FIFTY SIX. Can't decide? Here's some suggestions: random, meaningless, absorbent, chocolatey, indecipherable, flat, large, cosmic, sticky, pseudo intellectual, fattening, grey, withdrawn, billowing. That's enough now, find your own adjective.

20 February 2010

How much?


Worth every penny

DAY FIFTY FIVE. I'd like to thank my Mum for access to her treasurehouse of bygone items.

19 February 2010

This week's special


This week's Nail Bar special

DAY FIFTY FOUR. Personally, I love those old brick chimneys and mourn their steady culling. But as the landscape changes, let's keep some levity, shall we?

18 February 2010

17 February 2010

What suits


Some things look better when everybody's wearing them

DAY FIFTY TWO. Feeling an autumnal whisper in the air and wondering what it will feel like if I can keep this up till week 52.

16 February 2010

85 Guineas


85 guineas buys you quite a nice tail

DAY FIFTY ONE.  Not sure if that's a bargain, or who it's a bargain with.

15 February 2010

Table by the door


Chosen one of these lately?

DAY FIFTY. It may be best to avoid cafes where the colour scheme resembles an ageing bruise. Today's textured paper background comes from the atmospheric collection at lovely Lost and Taken.

14 February 2010

Keep very still

If you don't want to frighten the fish

DAY FORTY NINE. A story about the reds that would not save for the web, no matter how quiet, how still, how patiently I pursued them. A story about the reds that got away.

13 February 2010

Through the telescope


 A face was staring back at him

DAY FORTY EIGHT. Dreamy circles on a wet Saturday afternoon.

12 February 2010



Bathroom belles value accessories

DAY FORTY SEVEN.  And jauntily angled hats.

11 February 2010

Laughing boy


Descriptive, not derogatory

DAY FORTY SIX. A speckled spectacle.

10 February 2010

All this


 When I was young, all this was candlesticks

DAY FORTY FIVE. And folk never used to say "it'll all just end up as blogfodder".

9 February 2010

Strange attraction


Investigating the strange attraction of near symmetry

DAY FORTY FOUR. I can't claim credit for the figure in this image, although it's a photo I would love to have taken. I hope he likes the new landscape I've put him in.

8 February 2010

Couch Allen


Was happiest with furniture

DAY FORTY THREE. Began as something I misread in a sports article. Why on earth was I reading a sports article?

7 February 2010



They called in The Misses Boulivant

DAY FORTY TWO. There was going to be a party, so they called in The Misses Boulivant, the bunting specialists.

6 February 2010



Details were sketchy

DAY FORTY ONE. Il pleut quite a lot. Days of it, repercussively. But eventually, someone will see the funny side and the dish will no doubt float away with the spoon.

P.S. J'ai oubliƩ the kerning.

5 February 2010



 A sort of sheep invention

DAY FORTY. It seems forty is a cardinal number. I'll take that on trust if you accept that this looks like a sheep. Do we have a bargain?

4 February 2010



Blokes were always hanging about in hats
DAY THIRTY NINE. Gaberdine coats and ubiquitous hats, as I remember them.

3 February 2010


Do cars dream of disco garages?

DAY THIRTY EIGHT. Brought to you by an orange milk crate and a lary colour palette.

2 February 2010

The afternoon grew dark

Yet the sea was strangely calm, with a pleasant fuzzy quality

DAY THIRTY SEVEN. Always take an umbrella.

1 February 2010

Uncertain origin


I think they came out of Christmas crackers

DAY THIRTY SIX. They were very keen to make an appearance, anyway.